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AgriShift® STC/STA Stringer Connector/Adapter

Through our strategic partnership with Once, we understand the importance to have the correct lighting for your livestock. We know how to match up the right lighting and control it properly for your operation.


Made for any AgriShift® ML lighting fixture, the AgriShift® STC is a stringer designed to connect on the AgriShift® STA, adapters offering various drop cord lengths, allowing for easy and cost efficient installation.

Attaching to the ceiling of barns up to 152 meters long, the AgriShift® STC comes in 25 or 30 1/2 meter lengths, with 2.43 or 3 meter sections. It gives producers the opportunity to provide a species-specific light spectrum for their animals, while the durable, Built For Your Barn® Design, guarantees it will withstand harsh barn environments for years to come.


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A Built For Your Barn® Design, uses materials that withstand harsh barn environment for years to come.

Compatible products

    • MLM-B 10 W fixture for Broilers, Turkeys and Pullets
    • MLM-R 8 W fixture for Layers and Breeders
    • MLM-S 10 W fixture for Swine
    • MLB 12 W fixture for Broilers and Pullets
    • MLL 12 W fixture for Layers and Breeders
    • MLS 14 W fixture for Swine
    • Master Controller 120V
    • Master Controller 240V
    • Slave Dimmer 120V